Service Offerings

Hunt Partners provides the following services:

For Private Equity / Institutional Investors:

  • Networking Services
  • Deal Flow Services
  • Executive Assessment Services

For Executives:

  • Deal Thesis Worksheet
  • The Hunt Partners Process
  • Overview for Executives

For Companies:

Merger and Acquisition

Hunt Partners has a strong history of aiding both our private equity and executive clients with their mergers and acquisitions goals through our extensive connections and continuing contacts with the most active financial buyers and sellers. Hunt Partners has consistently used these relationships to introduce our clients to the broadest range of potential buyers and sellers. This in turn gives Hunt Partners clients multiple options for a merger partner at the best possible valuation. Hunt Partners strives to serve with a commitment to maintain the delicate balance in any company among the interests of shareholders, management, and clients.

Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services:

  • Buy-side assignments
  • Corporate divestures and leveraged buy-outs
  • Management-led buy-ins or buy-outs
  • Strategic merger or acquisition advisory services
  • Conducting acquisition searches for buyers
  • Formulating a valuation range
  • Identifying potential buyers or acquisition candidates