Hunt Partners, an independent private equity firm and intermediary invests capital and provides business expertise to enterprises with solid development potential. Hunt Partners forms strategic partnerships with existing management teams, leverage expertise and build relationships in order to stabilize, strengthen and grow lasting value. Investment efforts and managerial expertise are focused on the operation of a global and diversified portfolio of business enterprises. These opportunities are in five industries including consumer goods & services, life sciences, professional services, healthcare, and diversified industrial. We have extensive experience in bringing together high-level managerial and entrepreneurial leaders with mid cap companies, along with institutional capital for financing their acquisition.

Our solutions have both advanced the objectives of owners looking to sell a mid cap and small cap companies, the objectives of executives & management teams looking to purchase or buyout their own company (or division), and the objectives of investment institutions which seek private equity or buyout investments in solid growth companies with motivated management teams.

Hunt Partners has developed several strategies to assist experienced and proven executives prepare for the purchase of a company or division. We identify experienced senior management figures for investors (or teams) to entrust their operating company investments, and partner them with institutional capital to build companies.

In partnership with our sister company, Hunt Executive Search which exclusively conducts General Management (Board, CEO, President, GM) and functional vertical EVP/SVP/VP level searches for both multi-national major market, mid cap, small cap, private and especially PE owned companies in the same five industries (consumer goods & services, life sciences, professional services, healthcare, and diversified industrial), we have built a diversified and extensive network that identifies executives interested in: (1) buying a company or division they work for, (2) acquiring a company they have identified in their industry, or (3) seeking to purchase a company in a specific industry. We recognize that in order to drive a successful leveraged buyout (LBO), management buyout (MBO), or merger and acquisition (M&A), it is essential to put in place an outstanding and experienced management team as well as an appropriate capital structure and an attractive and compelling business strategy.

Hunt Partners works with exceptional, experienced, and proven executives to assist us in selecting the right opportunity. We then can deploy our unique experience to create value through the purchase and operation of a company in our industry. Hunt Partners is paid by private equity clients, so there are no charges to executives. When executed effectively, the result is an experienced senior executive (or management team) aligned with the investment goals of the private equity investor, institutional lender, or strategic investor seeking our guidance.

Through the Hunt Groups total service offerings, we have established strategic alliances with numerous private equity firms, each of which has unique sweet spot and disciplined approach to investing factoring in geography, size in terms of revenue, EBITDA, equity investment, and industry and most importantly an appetite to close deals.